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At Maven we take a close look at what you are trying to achieve from developing your social presence. We action this with an in-depth consultation where you outline any key information we should know. Extensive research takes place to find the best time/day to post on your social platforms for your target market. In addition, we will join and post to relevant groups for more exposure.


£ 299
00 Month
  • Initial consultation
  • Content creation
  • Caption writing
  • 4-8 posts per month
  • 8 stories per month
  • 30 mins of engagement
  • Up to 2 platforms
  • Analytics and reporting


£ 399
00 Month
  • Initial consultation
  • Content creation
  • Caption writing
  • 8-15 posts per month
  • 15 stories per month
  • 60 mins of engagement
  • Up to 3 platforms
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Dedicated management
  • Brand photoshoot 1-2hr


£ 549
00 Month
  • Initial consultation
  • Content creation
  • Caption writing
  • 15-30 posts per month
  • 30 stories per month
  • 90 mins of engagement
  • Up to 4 platforms
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Dedicated management
  • Brand photoshoot 2-3hr

*The number of posts will be total across your plans amount of platforms

**Social Media platforms can include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

*** The creation and management of the posts will be included in the fee, however the amount spent on adverts will be an additional fee

Why you need a professional account manager

Rise to the top

More than just a post

Many of us use of social media for personal use but knowing how to use LinkedIn and Facebook to increase brand awareness and maximise sales requires a professional approach. There are many layers to finding your desired target market, from building a demo-graph all the way up to  finding where your audience is online. Clean and professional visuals is a must but key words and trends can sometimes be more important. 

Count on us

Expert knowledge

The point of social media is to get potential customers and clients interacting with your brand, but they won’t do this unless they care about what you’re offering them.  There are some basics towards creating engaging content that a knowledgeable social media team will follow to ensure your accounts stand out yet remain professional and on brand.

try, try again

finding your objective

Most businesses, if not all, should be using some form of social media but there are so many questions to ask and decisions to make if yours is going to do so. Here are the essential questions to ask when creating your strategy: What social platforms will we be using and why? What’s the main objective? – to drive sales? Increase brand awareness? 


After spending hours setting up my online store, I started on my social media but quickly realised there is a lot more too the process... I contacted Maven Creative and after an initial consultation I was very impressed with the depth they went into. My social is now booming and I am making more sales than expected. Many thanks to the guys at Maven!
Ethan Hooper
As a Videographer, I have been developing a lot of quality content for my socials but wasn't too sure on the best way to post for boosting engagement. After speaking with Maven Creative they gave me a lot of great tips to keep on top of the ever-changing algorithms. I'd highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a professional online image.
Hugh Murthwaite
For ages I wanted to set up a social account that inspired entrepreneurs with business related tips and didn't know where to start. Once I got Maven Creative involved they knew exactly what I envisioned and put it into action. Now I have over 3K followers with most of them engaged on the page. They took my idea to a new level. Thank you guys!
Aiden Scotte






We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

This can vary dependant on your target market and business model. If you are just looking to build your online brand and exposure we would recommend the Essential plan. If you are looking to drive traffic and produce sales you would recommend the Premium or Elite plan.

It is not necessary to be on ‘every’ platform but we do advise that you are on the core platforms as prospects will probably check you out on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Yes! Professional and consistent content will help create backlinks to your website. In addition the written content will help the social platforms algorithms to rank you properly. 

Yes! Our initial consultation will help us gage the type of growth you are looking for and we then can advise you on what plan would work best for you. In addition to building your presence and exposure, we offer PPC marketing for targeted ads and traffic.

Yes we can do this as a part of our graphic design service as none of the management will be involved. It is a bespoke service dependant on the level of design required for each post and what content is provided.

Yes, we offer a free initial consolation with no obligation, meaning the advice we give you is yours to keep and use as you please. We believe in providing value first before offering our services.

Yes! Our Elite Management Plan is our highest level of service. Meaning we can take full control of your account, leaving you with your important stuff to get on with. 

Yes! We don’t believe in tying our customers in to a contract as our clients will testify on their results. If you are not happy with the service, we will do everything in our power to insure the issue is resolved. You have the power to cancel at any point!

We strive to make our clients happy