South Devon College Case Study

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We have been working very closely with South Devon College for the last two years. Initially, we provided an Industry placement for 10 students for the CDF pilot and pre-run to T Levels. Students worked with us developing a new platform, SIDIS Academy, a learning management system we created specifically for the delivery of T Levels. ). The trainees took part in software testing, video production, website analysis and by involving the students in the production, not only developed their skills, knowledge and behaviours but also ensured that it reflected the needs of future learners undergoing the T Level program. SIDIS Academy

This year, we are providing placements for another eight students from South Devon’s first T Level group studying Design, Development and Production. They will continue the work of the previous team on the SIDIS platform, permitting the students to make real-time improvements to a system that is integral to their course, benefiting all providers, employers and learners utilising the platform in the future. Alongside Industry Placements, we have assisted South Devon College and the Education and Training Foundation with Industry Insights, resource development, consultancy work, video production and other projects focusing on student learning. We have a great relationship with South Devon College and are excited for the future of our digital collaboration!

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