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If you want to keep up, get noticed and remain relevant in today’s technology-focused business world, you need to be active on social media. The majority of internet users now spend more time on social media than doing any other online activity, and most business owners find themselves more focused on their work than being active on social media. One can’t be blamed for steering clear of spending too much time on social media either – it’s the greatest time-waster humanity has ever encountered; we find ourselves staring at endless stories, relentless ads and even memes that have a commercial purpose.

But… those stories, ads and commercial memes could be yours, and they could be staring thousands of potential and current customers in the face at a fraction of the price that a roadside ad would cost. Social media tends to split people’s opinions but, if there’s one thing that you can’t deny, it is one of the most powerful tools the ‘business owner’ has ever had at their disposal.

However, anyone that’s tried running their own social media management programme will tell you that the graft is immense. There are multiple different platforms, all of which tend to attract a different crowd and present your brand in a different way, and the amount of time it takes to create sharp, eye-catching and relevant content on a frequent basis is a shock to the system. That’s why Social Media Management is a growing industry, and it’s something that, at Maven Creative, we’ve taken a lot of time to understand and facilitate.

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Here are 10 reasons why you need a social media manager if you want to run an effective business.

A Social Media Manager Can Help Create a Stronger Brand

Remember when you sat down and thought about how you wanted your logo to look? What you wanted the colours and shape to represent? What you wanted the name of your business to say about your work? You probably took a lot of time on this part of setting up your business, because you knew that this kind of content was something you want to plaster everywhere.

Social media has paved the way for business owners to create a strong visual and personal image; it’s something that we understand all too well at Maven Creative – using colour schemes, visual representations and logos repeatedly to make keeping up with YOUR business a part of the daily lives of your customers. When your customers are opening their Facebook feed over breakfast and reading 30 seconds worth of your content regularly, you know you’ve got this right. We’re no strangers to making this happen.

They Can Bring Attention to Other Marketing Efforts

A well-established social media presence can boost your other efforts. When you’ve created a trustworthy brand image that your customers and prospects can identify and keep up with, that new department you’re trying to promote benefits. Cross-selling, promoting associated businesses and advertising new ideas are all things that are easier to achieve when one of our social media managers is watching over your library of content with a keen eye.

They Can Provide Solutions to Repetitive Issues

The issues you face with lack of engagement, lack of time to sort out the lack of engagement and the ongoing cost of the resources required to have a good content-creating setup are all problems that you throw to the wind when you offload your social media management onto one of our managers at Maven Creative. We have a curated setup, social media experts and all the time in the world to go through and create curated, eye-catching content to share with your audience and sales prospects.

They Can Improve SEO

Given our background in web expertise at Maven Creative, we understand SEO better than anyone. Type Maven into google and see what the top hits are, or go back and read how much we’ve repeated the words ‘Maven Creative’ or ‘Social Media Manager’ in this article alone… This is how you play the algorithms and it’s how you ensure that the platforms that you’re using promote you over your competitors as a reward for your frequent and well-received relevant content. Consistency is key to ensuring this can happen, which is one of the biggest reasons why having a social media manager on the job 24/7 is important.

A Social Media Manager Can Save Time

Need anything more be said? If you’ve given your own social media management a go yet (and it’s not your job role), then you’ll know how painfully time-consuming it is. It may be a well-established part of modern business life, but it’s pretty hard to do it on your own. Having a social media manager allows you maintain this newly essential area of your business, as well as freeing up the time you may have squandered doing it all yourself.

They Can Help Keep a Regular Content Schedule

Having a regular content schedule is one of the most important aspects of social media management. As aforementioned, regular and relevant content is what boosts your SEO and ensures that your content continues to appear in your customers and prospects lives. We all know a schedule can be hard to keep sometimes, especially with something as repetitive as social media management, which is why our clients tend to find that onboarding one of our social media managers lifts a big weight off their shoulders, all while maintaining a regular content schedule of your choosing.

A Social Media Manager Is Available Anywhere

Being one of the roles most suitable to the ‘future workplace’, consisting of hybrid working and working from home, our social media managers tend to be available to you from wherever you are, at any time (so long as you have a working phone). This means that you get the benefit of being able to tell us what you need, give feedback on posts & stories and get in touch with us at any time. Our Social Media Managers tend to be pretty good at answering their phones (no surprise!).

They Will Create Engaging Content on All Platforms

By using one of our social media managers to manage your social media presence, you’ll find your business being represented on all the major social media platforms (although you do, of course, choose which ones you want to be on). Having this kind of wide coverage is crucial nowadays, as one of the first things that creates trust amongst customers and sales prospects is the appearance of professional prowess and a strong presence, something which is instantly checked by most by searching you on Facebook, Instagram and google. Wide coverage can be hard to achieve, but with a social media manager taking care of it, it’s no effort for you at all.

An External Person Has No Bias Towards Business Goals

Sometimes, when writing and producing your own content, you tend to question what you’re saying. It can be a process of excessive self-critique, desperately trying to nail the tone of your work and trying to see it through the eyes of several different archetypal sales prospects. Feeling this way means that you care, but it’s also one of the biggest timewasters when it comes to social media management.

The truth is your content needs to be impartial, unbiased and informative. Having a professional Social Media Manager means that your content will always be like this – it allows you to rest easy knowing that the content will keep coming and coming and you can simply make recommendations where you feel it is necessary, which is easier to do with someone else as opposed to with yourself.

A Human Being is More Socially Aware Than an Algorithm

Sometimes, we’re asked why one shouldn’t just use one of the online content generators. Our response is “try one”. We have no doubt that the future of AI is going to blow our minds, but thus far it’s still in its infancy. It’s so easy to tell what is and isn’t authentic when it comes to social media engagement.

AI content generators base their content off whatever they can scrape from the web at the expense of good grammar, and it makes for awful reading. It often fails to engage anyone and it’s a bad representation of a business’s values when the key messages coming from the business make zero sense and clearly weren’t written by human members of the organisation.

We hope this article helps you to better understand our offering, and how it may help you. If you see yourself benefitting from a better, wider and more professional social media presence, then get in touch with us today and talk to one of our members of staff!

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