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What Maenporth Estate wanted

Maenporth Estate approached us about updating their website to reflect what Maenporth are offering. They also wanted us to create a separate site for the property owners, where they can login and view important property updates as well as any updates about the estate.  After our initial consultation, we clearly envisioned their style and how they wanted to present this to customers.

What we did

We then proceeded with the initial design, which they were very happy with, so we developed the main structure and sales funnel that runs throughout. To properly reflect the Maneporth experience, we knew they would greatly benefit from updating their videography and photography and showcasing this on their new website. After suggesting this to the general manager, he was happy for our video production department to create this content. We then booked a production day with the team and caught the weather perfectly, which resulted in us capturing an array of beautiful content. From this we produced a main marketing video, 2 sub videos, 1 marketing video for the Maenporth beach café, 1 marketing video for the Maenporth water sports company, 5 reels for Instagram, and a library of photography. All this content is showcased throughout the website and handed over to Maneporth for them to use in future marketing campaigns.

The outcome

After weekly meetings with the board of directors, we launched both websites on the 26th of September 2022. Everyone at Maenporth is extremely happy with the services we provided resulting in a great relationship between Maenporth Estate and Maven Creative. We will continue to work alongside Maenporth on the website maintenance and assist them with any future marketing campaigns.

We want to express great appreciation to the Maenporth estate and Paul for being very proactive in this development and for building a great relationship between both companies.

See the work we produced

View Maenporth’s website here:

Maenporth Estate Main Marketing Video

Testimonial from Maenporth Estate

Take a look at what the General Manager, Paul Mooney from Maenporth Estate has to say about us:

“ I have been working with Lewis over several months to redevelop two websites.  His technical knowledge has been superb.  I have been really impressed with the service received and he and his team have done an excellent job.  We are delighted with the results so thank you! ”

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